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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Out with the MG's

After participating in the Broadland MGOC run for the last 4 years around Norfolk, we gave it a miss this year, opting instead to do the 2010 Boadicea Run with the Iceni MGOC, held in Suffolk. It was a scorching hot day, the run beginning at Rougham Airfield, near Bury St Edmunds. There was a choice of 4 routes to take, with Tulip maps provided for each, rally plaques for the cars, and refreshment vouchers included in the entry cost. We chose the route to Lavenham in the Gold DHC.
Waiting for our departure at 10-30, boiling hot at this hour.

There was approx 90 cars on the run, predominent where MG's, of the other there where 5 Triumphs, some modern machinery, and approx 15 other classic.

They must have been hot on the run in this!
Typical Suffolk Scenery.
We soon caught some of the more sedate MG's.
Lavenham, a pretty Suffolk market town.
A lot of rather nice houses in this town. Known locally as the Chelsea of Suffolk, with house prices to match!
Back at Rougham Airfield we headed for the shade with fellow Club Triumph members Alan and Christine.
View of the control area from the control tower.

Was a very good run, and well worth the entry fee, if there where to be any cylinder head or coolant problems on the dhc, today was the day with tempertures around 29C, it did kick in the Kenlowe in dead slow traffic or at long waits at junctions, but this is normal and the fan soon did its job. With Le Mans looming nearer I am going to get the head checked over on Friday with a gas test at Anglian Triumph just to put my mind at rest.

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