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Sunday, 16 May 2010

TR7 Troubles

Its been a stressfull couple of weeks since the Strut Gaitor replacement, I had symptons of Head Gasket failure, ie: water being pushed out of header tank, I am keeping an eye on this as it worries me, I think it was an air lock, due to the front end being up on axle stands for a weekend whilst I changed gaitors and fitted needle rollers to improve slow speed manouvering.
I can see no trace of oil in the water or water in oil, and after I had flushed out, changed thermostat, changed a slightly collapsed hose, everything seems OK. The car also failed its MOT with "little or no effort from the RH rear brake" this was finally changed and the MOT passed on Thursday.
Today we completed the recce for the Norfolk Area Treasure Hunt, 125 miles home to home with no signs of overheating, there was plenty of stopping and starting, lots of sitting at idle, but temperature was normal, electric fan not needing to cut in often, this makes it about 250 miles with no further symptons, so touch wood everythings OK.

We located a good venue for the Treasure Hunt finish, a coastal pub, open all day, choice of light snacks to full meals, with a marquee we can use for free for marking, prize giving, etc, we can also park entrants safely within the grounds.
For a pretty, historic area like the Broads, it is surprising how few good clues can be found, where a car can stop safely or where you can park up and search for clues, thus having to resort to churches and village signs!

Out and about seeking clues in the Broads.

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