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Monday, 10 May 2010

Henham Wings and Wheels

Show season is now well under way, this weekend was Henham Wings and Wheels, at Henham Park, Suffolk. We took along the usual number of cars in a convoy from Bungay on an overcast morning, parking up and putting up the Gazebo and Windbreak.
Car wise attendance seemed to be down, it had chucked it down all Saturday and the forecast was not good, so this may have put some owners off.
My Gold TR7 was sidelined after failing its MOT on Thursday due to poor brake effort on the RH wheel, the cylinder was leaking again, goes to show that seal kits are not worth the bother, lasting less than a month and some 500 miles. I had a new slave cylinder by Friday but couldnt get to fit it, mainly because of the heavy rain, but I was also distracted by Leeds Uniteds efforts to give me a cardiac arrest! They got their promotion to the championship in the end.

Around midday on Sunday the weather brightened, so the flying was not disrupted, and it was quite pleasant, strolling around the cars and watching the flight displays.

2 well restored cars, Alfa Fulvia and Jag.

2 Nice Triumphs, Figaro does not look out of place amongst true classics.

Very clean Escort RS Mexico Mk11, similar to the one I used to own.

Usual CT Norfolk Entrants, Jims early GT6 and Teds TR6 always attracted a crowd.

The Breitling Wing Walkers doing their stuff, 2 very nice leather cladded girls when they came down and wandered about.

Towed Glider, with I think a Pitts special doing barrel rolls around it.

Some of the Aircraft which flew in.

The old bill took an interest in Gills FHC early on.

He came back for another look later, so she tackled him, he took out a notebook, starts writing, worried I wander over, turns out he had a TR7, and has a boot rack for sale, now ours, ideal for Classic Le Mans.
Nice vintage cars.
Jasons 2000 eloped again to the NCVC, we will have to bring him back into the fold.
NG TF kit car, based on MG running gear, talking to the owner, seems it was bought the same year as I bought mine. Dont know why he Q plated it, as mine could keep the original reg.

All in a pleasant day, good company, plenty to see and do.

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