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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Classic Le Mans

Club Triumph Norfolk Area took along 6 cars to Classic Le Mans over the weekend of 9th to 11th July. Most made their own way there, some by Ferry, some by Eurotunnel, and all made it back safely. I think the word of the weekend was "Scorchio" Camp site was ok, loads of Triumphs about.
I won't post too many pics here, if anyone wants to see more they can look at http://www.andys-tr7.co.uk/63761/97261.html

Here are some pics of some of the the Le Mans cars in the paddock.

Former Graham Hill/Pescarolo Matra Simca 660-01 from 1971.

Lancia/Porsche/Ferrari Racers from the 1980s Le Mans Races.

Capri 2600 RS from 1971 Race.
BMW M1 from 1979 race behind, returning to paddocks after their race.

As close as you can get at any race, engines starting prior to formation lap.
Gulf Porsche 908/3 from 1971 era.

Jigsaw Racings Le Mans Spitfire.

Ferrari 512 M from 1971 era in paddocks.

Just a short video of some of the cars going back to the paddock after a race session.

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