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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Vintage Transport Day - North Norfolk Railway

The usual Club Triunph suspects attended the Vintage Transport Day at the North Norfolk Railway at Holt Station on Sunday 4th July. A hot day, Gill and I where in trouble for leaving the Gazebo at home, but with only a couple of days to go before our Le Mans trip, and a car just back from headgasket and jackshaft failure we had more to worry about. This was a new event for Club Triumph Norfolk, and we again picked a good, yet different event, not just sitting in a field looking at cars.
Most of our contingent left the cars parked up on view at Holt Station and where able to take advantage of free travel on the North Norfolk Railway, drawn by steam to Sheringham or Wybourne.
CT contingent lined up at Holt Station.

GER Engine and Quad Set after arrival at Sheringham.

We spent a couple of hours at Sheringham, looking around, a quick go on the penny pushers in the arcades, had some very nice fish and chips in a resturant, followed by the usual seafood we have when on the coast, mussells, prawns, and a crab to bring home, then watched the ships with an ice cream on the sea wall before heading back to the station to catch a train to Weybourne.
View of North Norfolk Coast from the train on a bright sunny day.

Stanier Class 5 at Weybourne.

Fourth form of motive power we used on the day, Diesel Railbus at Holt.

Couple of old trucks from Jack Richards Transport, a concern still going today.

Some members took the vintage bus service in to Holt for a look around, however we did not have the time. Was a good day out, brillinat weather, and worth attending, Managed to get around 80 miles on the car with no problems prior to Le Mans, easing some worries about the long journey ahead on a partly rebuilt engine.

The Jackshaft Failure, which looked as though it had been caused by a metallic buildup on the front bearing surface end of Jackshaft, thus jamming in the bore, caused this damage.
Closer inspection reveals that the Crankshaft timing chain sprocket teeth where knurled over, the tensioner had a big lump chewed out by the chain, camshaft timing chain sprocket had a bolt sheared, and the chain snapped, I presume it had all happened in this order, luckily was only on tickover at the time so no lasting damage was done. The head was removed again, valves and guides checked for damage, and camshaft removed to check free operation of valves. There was no evident damage to pistons. All was put together again with thicker gasket due to head skim.

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