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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Busy Few Weeks

Has been a busy few weeks on the car and events front in Norfolk.
Over the long May Bank Holiday weekend we spent a bit of time driving around in the TR7 DHC looking for clues for our Treasure Hunt, prior to getting in form and info for an MSA Permit.
Then an enjoyable afternoon trialling the new "Event Shelter" to replace the club gazebo, followed by a barbie. Thanks Sue and Keith.
Gills FHC had its MOT this week, the fog lights took a bit of sorting out as they had stopped working, in the end it was the contacts in the switch that where stuck together so after a good clean they worked. MOT passed OK, but brakes seemed a little on the weak side. We clamped off the front flexi pipes and the rear brakes where OK on the brake rollers, then clamped the rear flexi and the fronts had reduced effort, so either suspected calipers or pressure reducing valve. Took calipers off and checked condition and pads, they where OK, so had to change the valve which cured the problem.
This weekend was Henham Wings and Wheels, a good show blessed with good weather. We had an "informal" convoy from Bungay to Henham then set up in the clubs area of the field. A good selection of 10 Club Triumph cars where on the stand, plus 4 from the Stag Owners. The new events shelter went up quickly after learning from our trial run.
There was a good selection of cars and bikes, I was number 401 so quite a lot there.
Flying activity was down on last year as there as quite a warm wind but there was a good display from Pitts Specials and a Mustang.

Busy Club Stand.

I liked this Mini caravan.

A rare Allard.
Not often you see a Vauxhall nowadays.

Spotted this nice original TR7 with a plaque on the dash to say it was presented as a prize by TR Register, with keys handed over by Tony Pond and Tony Mason, Roger Clarkes navigator, with photo evidence.

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