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Monday, 30 May 2011

Standard Triumph Day

A very windy, but dry Sunday I took the 140 mile round trip to the CT organised Standard Triumph Marque Day at Duxford Imperial War Museum. We had 4 Norfolk cars there, My TR7 DHC, a Stag, a Spitfire and a TR6. Had a quick look round the 300 Triumphs there, most numerous been Stags and TR6, least numerous where small saloons and GT6. Hope the treasurer gets better soon after his accident on the stand. Did not see too many CT people about considering it was organised by us. With it been very windy we soon got inside, firstly in the American Air Museum, most notable planes for me where the B52, A10 Thunderbolt, Phantom, Huey, and SR71 Blackbird. Then back to the car for a spot of lunch before looking in the well laid out Land Warfare Hall, this is very good, simulating trenches and battle fields with tanks, gun emplacements, etc. There was a very good informitive film of the war from D day onwards which was showing in the theatre there, quite gory in places but serves to remind of the sacrifices made by many. I then watched the tank and armoured car driving before heading for home around 3pm.

Overall view of the 300 cars on display.

A very modified TR7 V8 Turbocharged car, reminiscent of
the ill fated Le Mans entry by Janspeed.

A medium sized tank captured from Iraq.

Fearsome looking tank on the driving range.

Russian Missile Launcher.
Couple of the Norfolk Cars.
Collection of ADU registered Spitfires.

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