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Saturday, 18 June 2011

June Shows

We attended a couple of shows in June, the first been Norwich Classic Vehicle Club Show, June 5th just outside Norwich, There where 4 CT members car there. Started of as a nice day but then became windy and cold, especially with shorts on!
There where a lot of cars on show, about 300 I would estimate, but little else to do other than wander round an autojumble and look at the cars. We only took the one TR7.
The voting for best in show at this event puzzles me, the eventual winners being a Mini converted to a van, ok, nice conversion, but not original and a late Mercedes Saloon and late Jag, all these when there where TR2 to 6's, Steam cars, many old Rileys, Rovers, Austins, early Jags including E types..

The next show was Euston Hall Rural Pastimes on 12th June, a very big and well organised show. We had 7 CT members cars there, including both our TR7's, 2 Stags, TR6, and 2 Heralds.
Plenty to do at this event, with lots of rural activities on show, crafts, foods, animals, etc. Weather was again fine to begin with but the wind got up and rain arrived late on. Whilst all around where taking down their gazebos before they collapsed, our new dome event shelter stood up against the wind.

CT Members cars.

Took a few pictures at both shows with the digital camera, but all came out purple so I think we need a new one, these camera phone pics are the best I can do.

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