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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Driving Around

July weekends where spent mainly on drives out in the Suffolk and Norfolk countryside with no agenda. I visited a friend one weekend with some really nice classics, including a TR6, Lotus Elan S2 and Europa, E type, Daimler, etc. no car pics as he is rather sensitive on this but I visited a couple of sites on the way there.
Pakenham Windmill

Pakenham Watermill for coffee and cake.

Lost down a long farm road with a massive tractor behind me and nowhere
to turn except the farmers yard, he was not amused.

The following weekend I drove out to another friends house, about 17 miles away but took me 35 miles to get there, some good driving roads that kept me going on and on.
Suffolk countryside.

Today we took a run out to Sandringham, Gill and I in the TR7, our friends where in there Elan M100, we used an old club route we had used for drive it day but swung by the Lotus factory to get a pic of her car with the Lotus sign. We then headed through to Swaffham for coffee.
At the Lotus factory.
Swaffham, Greyhound Inn used in the "Kingdom" series featuring
Stephen Fry.

Nice top down weather until lunch time, whence it poured down as we where tucking into our roast lunch outside The Crown Inn at Gayton. Quick dash inside to finish of our meal. Then off to Sandringham for a tour of the Gardens and Museum in a thankfully dry spell.
Sandringham House gates.

Sandringham House.

Had a good, quick drive back, sun eventually coming out again in Thetford forest so the hood went down again.

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