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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Was a lovely hot day on Saturday so we took Gills Astra Cabriolet for a spin in the sun to Southwold, I was even allowed to drive for once. As expected it was very busy but this lovely Suffolk resort looks great in the sun.
Southwold Lighthouse against a blue sky.

Spitfire parked on the sea front. CT badge on windscreen, but I
don't recognize as a local car.

The lifeboat was thrashing about the bay, it was their annual lifeboat day, and they where demonstrating both inshore and the larger Tyne Class boat Spirit of Lowestoft.
Tyne Class lifeboat at speed of Southwold Beach.

Southwold Pier.

On another note our shared owner narrowboat has somehow made the front cover of Septembers Waterways World. It is shown at the bottom of the Watford staircase flight. Not me crewing, I would not turn out that quickly into the lock round the corner and scrape the hull!!!

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