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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Kelling Heath Camping & North Norfolk Railway

Last weekend was spent on one of my favourite pastimes,not!! Time for our annual camping trip,this was at Kelling Heath, on the North Norfolk coast between Holt and Weybourne. We arrived mid afternoon on the Friday,we had a very hot run in the sun, me in the MG, Gill in the Astra Bertone around the Norwich bypass and heading for the coast, 2 cars needed because of all the gear Gill has aquired for camping. Knackered ourselves out putting the tent up in the heat. We had company with other members of PCVC.
Home for a few days.
Alan's GTC.
Keith's XK8
Friday night we had a Barbie, expertly cooked by Keith and Alan and a few glasses of wine, chilling in the evening sun.
Saturday we awoke to the expected rain, so a good fried breakfast was cooked in the gazebo, before a walk around Kelling and a look at the Farmers market where lunch was purchased. In the afternoon we visited the Forge Bar on the campsite where there was a Real Ale Festival, samples of On the Huh, Old Sharpie, Grain Brewery IPA, Woodfordes Wherry and others taken, Gill having a particularly potent cider called Kingfisher, even had a second glass full.
The rain cleared towards the end of the afternoon, so another Barbie was in order.
We where up earlyish on the wet Sunday morning, so bacon and egg butties where cooked before we all set off for the short trip to the North Norfolk Railway Vintage transport day. As usual we parked up the cars in the field with the rest of the PCVC members with a mix of cars, put up the Gazebo, had a bit of chat and banter then took advantage of the free travel gained from showing the cars to catch the train to Sheringham.
Phoenix cars at Holt Station.

First train of the day was the National Railway Museum's
class 101 DMU.
Arriving in Sheringham, it was still raining so first we found a cafe for a coffee and cake, before a stroll around the small town, Gill had to have her fix of the 2p coin pushers in the arcades and then a look in all the curiosity shops, we had a quick look at the grey sea, avoided the Morris Dancers festival, I get the normal ones, but there seemed to be a rash of black and white painted ones, then had very nice Haddock and Chips in Dave's fish restaurant.

We could have had a ride on one of the vintage buses to Cromer and back or back to Holt but chose the train again, the next steam train was the Quad Art set hauled by the B12 so we waited for this. The Quad Art set are beautifully restored, with separate compartments, we shared one with a mad, but funny vintage bus driver who asked everyone in the compartment where they came from then quoted correctly the bus routes and numbers from the respective towns.
Vintage buses.
B12 with the teak Quad Art set.
Quad Art compartment, before the mad bus driver arrived.
Arriving back at Holt Gill went back to the Gazebo for a sit down whilst I looked around the station and waited for the next steam train to arrive. The Station at Holt, which is not the original Holt station was moved brick by brick from Stalham in 2002. It is a nice setting amongst the trees, even in the rain.
Black 5, George Stephenson.
DMU ready to depart to Sheringham from other platform.
Black 5 running round its train after departure of DMU
Lowestoft Corporation Leyland, owned by the young lad
in the uniform.
There was an intensive service running, 2 steam and 2 diesel, I did not catch a photo of the other diesel which I think was a Class 31 with a rake of coaches. I also did not get the chance to look around all the classic cars at the car show as we took a chance to get the Gazebo down whilst it was still dryish before leaving for the campsite.
Sunday evening was spent in the Kelling facilities, another sample from the Beer festival, then into the restaurant for a nice meal, before heading back to the tents for coffee and chat.
As per normal on the packing up day on Monday the b--y sun came out. So taking down the tent and driving home was quite hot.
Despite the weather we had a good time, the company was good, the site is nicely situated and well kept with good facilities and a a variety of things to do.

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  1. Hello
    The pic of the Ralways station of Sheringham is Great and typical image of charm
    the East England . Trains and their interior are beautiful !
    That remenber me Margate, Cliftonville Broadstairs when I was the French Team member of Sally Ferries Ramsgate Thanet sales overseas.


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