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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wrenbury to Llangollen July 2014 Day 3

Awoke to the smell of frying bacon this morning, not the full monty, just a lovely bacon sarnie, but somehow it always tastes better on the boat. Same with the morning coffee, a kettle boiled on calor gas seems to make a better cuppa.
We moved accross to the very quick water point at Bettisfield then cruised along the narrow winding section past Hampton Bank, now back in Shropshire.
Near Hampton Bank.
Reaching the Meres we noticed the boats viewed in May are still moored near the bends at Blake Mere, not on the 24 hour moorings though.
Taken Root.
Blake Mere.
We passed through Ellesmere tunnel, then I was persuaded to take the Ellesmere arm so the crew could use Tesco,s, unusual as we had done a big shop at Whitchurch on the way to the boat, turns out all the sneaky buggers wanted was the free WiFi as the Llangollen is a bit of a mobile and TV weak spot.
Ellesmere Tunnel
Busy Ellesmere Arm.
We left the arm after lunch and the WiFi fix, passing Like Ducks 2 Water, could not see Jacquie on board, but we passed her later on the way back down for a quick hello and she looked in good health.
Like Ducks 2 Water.
The canal is still reasonably quiet as it winds about near Tetchill and Val Hill, Val Hill is reminiscent of Cracks Hill on the Leicester section with the canal  winding around it, and possibly of a similar height. Passing Frankton Junction we pass Maestermyn with most of the Mid Wales Narrow boats and Maestermyn Cruisers fleet out.
Near Tetchill

Typical Bridge on a bend.
I left them to it and walked from bridge 60 to bridge 68, acting as occasional lookout on some of the bends with bridges, mind you the last couple of bridges they deliberately kept away from the towpath to stop me getting on!
Back on board at Bridge 68 near Frankton Junction.
We carried on through the New Marton Locks, first queue here, 5 boats, Gill advising a boat in front who had left Maestermyn with no steering tuiton, no guides on how to lock, or even a canal guide for the Llangollen. We moored for the evening at St Martins moor, we did not fancy chancing Chirk for a mooring, it was also a place secluded enough for a BBQ without bothering others. We had to hunt for bricks to stand the portable barbies on so as not to burn the grass, so up and down the towpath we went with no success, the only visible bricks been on the non towpath side, a quick pole across the cut, bricks loaded, and pole back across and the barbie was lit. After the Barbie it was fishing again before relaxing with a few ciders.
Stephen fishing.
Sunset over towards Wales.

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