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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cars by the Lake - Fornham

Sunday the car club went to Cars by the Lake, at Fornham, near Bury St Edmund's. Gill and I had not been to this Classic and Sports car show before. Luckily the last day of August had turned summery again which always helps at a car show. Having a couple of members on holiday we only had 6 cars on show. I think we met the Classic and Sport car title with 2 classics, The Scimitar GTC and the Lotus 7, and 4 sports cars with the BMW, 2 Jags, and the TF.
Phoenix CVC cars on display.
As per usual upon finishing setting up we headed for the bacon butties and coffee before wandering round the craft show and various other stalls and stands to keep the ladies happy before lazing around on the chairs chatting, and eating lunch and another of Gills cakes.
In the afternoon I wandered around the cars, having a chat with a few owners, and taking a few photos.

This is a TR7 blog so a picture of the only TR7 at the show, very rare as is the VX220 next to it , these where built at my employers Lotus Cars for Vauxhall, I have seldom seen one on the road or at shows since they left the factory, most of them going to Europe, I worked on the facilities and fixtures when the plant was set up for building the VX220 and the Mk1 Elise.

Another VX220 alongside Mk1 Elise from the same plant and period, I prefer the look of the VX220.
A few Porches and TVR's where also on show in the sports car category.
Austin with tiny engine.
Compared with the engine in this Bentley Blower
A selection of Bugatti's, I think one guy owned 3 of them.
Up to date with a McLaren 650S super car. £200,000 to you.
Most popular was the Triumph Stag with 2 rows of at least 10.
Ford Model T omnibus.
Another good day was had by all, this was probably the last show we will attend this year, though some of our group will attend a few other shows on their own. Sad to say there was only 1 piece of cake to take home as the group had eaten most of it so my pack up has been a bit short this week.

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