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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shropshire Union September 2014 Day 3

On the Monday we awoke to an overcast day, although this soon cleared to sunny spells. We had no guests today and the intention was only to travel as far as Nantwich to pick up Tuesday's guest's.
Passing Coole Pilate moorings we noticed they where absolutely rammed full, very popular mooring. We encountered a small queue at Hack Green which took half an hour to clear.
Gill waiting patiently for the locks at Hack Green.
We soon reached Nantwich where we passed the aquaduct before reaching the service block where we had a water fill which took ages with a ridiculously low pressure tap. We then went up to Henhull to wind before mooring the far side of the aquaduct ready for the guests the next day.
Very nice boat just past the Aquaduct.
We spent the afternoon looking around Nantwich, walking first down Welsh Row with some lovely old properties.
Welsh Row Alms Houses.
Gill likes this house, but not the position next to a busy road.
We had lunch and coffee in Nantwich, a little bit of window shopping and a general wonder about. I used to work at Rolls Royce cars many years ago and lodged in Crewe, but on an evening we always headed for a pub in Nantwich, which is posher than Crewe, but could I find it, I think my memory is failing me!
Tudor architecture in Nantwich Town Centre.
French Baroque stlyle store in Pillory Street.
St Marys Church - Nantwich
Nantwich Workhouses.
We spent the evening aboard with a nice meal and a few glasses of wine, very quiet mooring on the embankment once the residents dog walking was finished.

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