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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Back on the Road Again

Finally back on the road again after the axle swap, re-assembled the rear brakes on Saturday morning, using the new springs, went together easily, hardest part was bleeding the brakes, mainly because my one man bleed kit tube kept coming away from the bleed nipple. Had to enrol the wife into pumping the pedal while I held it on, the tubing had lost its rigidity and would not hold, even after cutting the end back.

Took it for a little test run on Saturday afternoon, all seems OK, and the ratio seems better.

Today we took a trip into Norwich and back via the A140, A47, then back via A11 and Swallow Aquatics at East Harling to get some more miles on it and check that axle does not get hot at speed or on long run, all OK after 85 miles. Next few weeks I am earmarked for a few domestic jobs, we will have the first show of the year on the 29th, Langley Daffodil Day and Classic Car show, then it will be time to start getting the Blue FHC into shape.

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