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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Change of Plan

With the axle re-assembled, I have had a re-think of its destination, it was to be the FHC, but I am now going to swap the DHC axle, which has a 3-45 ratio, with the refurbished 3-90 ratio axle. I believe the 3.45 was fitted to American cars in 80-81, from what I understand it gives around 23 mph per 1000 revs, against the 3.90 which gives 21 mph, however I think the fifth gear ratio compromises top speed when combined with the 3.45 axle. (can someone put me right on this?)
So after jacking up the car I was surprised by the amount of deterioration on the axle, anti roll bar, tie rods, and rear trailing arms, all showing signs of surface rust, this due to keeping it on the road and un-garaged all year round for the last 2 years.

Some signs of rust.

After checking on the rear pads and slave cylinders, removing the axle was an afternoons work, liberal use of copper grease in the bushes and bolts when assembled helped here, with no seized bolts.

Brakes in good condition.

Axle removed.

With the axle removed I gave the area a good pressure wash as there was a fair build up of road dirt and salt in and around the arches, tank, etc. I will get some waxoil on it next weekend. So no Triumph driving this week, I hate having an incapacitated car.

Pressure washed.

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