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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Flying Springs

No, not road springs, brake adjuster retaining springs.
Last MondayI had the rear axle trailing arms, tie bars, and roll bar shot blasted for a tenner, then spent last week painting them.

Friday, I had a deserved day off work, aiming to get the car back on the road before Sunday. First I pressure washed under the wheelarches and boot, then when dry I applied waxoil, mostly under the car but over myself too!
Then I re-assembled the axle on the car which went very smoothly, before starting to re-assemble the brakes.

When I came to fit the brake adjuster springs, I had a mishap when trying to stretch the spring onto its location, the LH spring broke, bugger! A quick call to Robsport about 4pm Friday revealed they where in stock, but I had missed the post and would not be able to receive them on Saturday, so plans to have the car on the road where up the chute.
Then to make matters worse, when trying to put the retainer spring on the other side it slipped off the tool, went flying in the air, then over the fence into the neighbours garden. After around half an hour I gave up looking for it, so had to make a call to Robsport again. No doubt when they mow the lawn the lawnmower will find it with a bang!
So no Triumph driving this week, bit of a bugger as its very mild and warm here in Norfolk.

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