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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

August report

Not much to report Club Triumph wise in August, as a club we have not attended any major shows since Helmingham, some members have attended shows indivdually in and around Norfolk and had very good weather. Personally we had some catching up to do at home after a busy season.
The Norfolk area had a tour of the "Grain Brewery" for our August meeting, with some 14 cars attending, including a few TR reg visitors, the tour was interesting, we where talked through the brewing process around this small brewery, and tasted some nice beers. Gill and I had some beer specially labelled and we came home with a case of "Best Wedge" which is very nice.
We have had no major problems with the cars, both clocking up miles as daily drivers, I did an oil, filter, and plug change on Gills FHC and a general check, only finding that one rear fog had stopped working, and the reverse lights where not working. The left hand fog was full of water and contacts corroded, and the silver coating on the reflector was non-existant, I had a spare so this was changed, the reverse light problem was traced to a faulty switch on the gearbox, the plastic housing had degraded, and the connection will not hold. Luckily the spare gearbox in the lock up donated a switch.
The insurance on the FHC ran out in August, I added this to the DHC insurance for a mere £32 with agreed value, low windscreen excess, and unlimited mileage with Peter James, bargain!

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