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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Henham Steam Rally

With the show season drawing to a close, today I took a trip to the Henham Steam Rally near Southwold. Nothing was organised with Club Triumph so as I have never been to this before I thought I would give it a try. Usually we get free entry if showing the cars, but today I had to fork out £8-00 and park the TR7 with the public.

The weather was very good, hot and sunny, and there was a lot to see, with 2 or 3 marquees of crafts, a selection of boys toys, eg: Radio controlled planes and boats, small scale live steam locos and tractions engines, some marvellous Meccano Models.
The bigger stuff included Steam engine demonstrations such as log sawing, threshing, and stone crushing. Surprisingly there was not a large amount of the big Traction Engines and Showmans engines, it was mainly the smaller road engines, however what was there was interesting, I do like the smell of steam and hot oil. There was a couple of sections for cars, one for vintage pre 1960 cars, a lot of Wolselys, Rileys, Humbers, a couple of Jowetts, and an area for post 1960 cars with a fair few Triumphs on show belonging to East Anglia Practical Classics Club.
I have never seen as many classic tractors as at this event, lines and lines of them, they dont do anything for me, but there was a lot of old farmers swarming over them, all saying "thats right boy"
Also on show where a large amount of hit and miss engines, early static semi diesel engines, all powering pumps, generators, etc.
I also looked around a selection of military, classic bus and commercial vehicles.
Heres a few pics.
Ransome and Jefferies Road Tractor.
Vintage Section.
Mk1 2000, Big Rover, and Yank Tank.

Steam Lorry.
Aveling Steam Tractor.

Southend Albion Bus.

GTR4 Dove

Early Case tractor

Sawing Demonstration.

Nice Triumph 1500.

Another Tax Exempt 2000.

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