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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Fluid on rear wheel

I thought a couple of thousand miles of trouble free motoring was too good to be true! Today I discovered a fair amount of brake fluid inside the rear offside wheel and on the tyre today, and a slight drop in level on master cylinder reservoir.
Fluid around tyre and inside rim.

Was hoping it was a leaking pipe, but after removing the wheel and brake drum discovered it was the slave cylinder leaking badly from the seals.So again I had to remove brake shoes and springs to replace with a spare cylinder picked up at autojumble.

There was a fair amount of fluid thrown around in the drum and on the brake shoes, quite messy cleaning it up.

Fluid and dust collected on shoes.

Dismantling the cylinder I found a fair amount of bad pitting in the bore, as previous experience on honing out has always involved changing it again a few months later, therefore I wont be fitting a repair kit.
Also managed a couple of pre-mot jobs on Gills FHC, namely fitted a new bush to the steering column at bulkhead, I had to dimantle the steering column to do this, and also swapped a worn steering UV joint for a slightly less worn one. Checked all lights, gaiters, etc, so hopefully should be OK.

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