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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Classic Car Mart

Gill got a couple of copys of Classic Car Mart tody from her photoshoot and twin test up against a Fiat X/19. Was a reasonable article, showed the TR7 FHC in quite good light, especially as a cheap, reliable runner, with all parts affordable, although IMO the author was a little biased towards mid engined classic sportscars and reckoned the X/19 had the edge in handling due to mid engine layout. All this from a 5 minute drive! I am hard pushed to think of any other mid engined sportscars from mid 70's to 81. The X/19 she was up against was the later (about 8 years younger) Bertone model.
Oh, and they inserted wrong picture of interior in TR7 column!
I made sure TR Drivers Club and Club Triumph got a website mention in article.
In next months Classic Car Mart is a Herald v Vittesse twin test.

Wednesday I got the all clear from the surgeon after my back operation to drive, so today, I drove the DHC for the first time in six weeks, its being a bit neglected in August, the passenger footwell had an inch of water in it, looks as though the door seal in the corners has flattened and is letting in water, also the N/S rear well in the boot was full of water, I had left a roll of bog roll in there since Le Mans, and it had gone soggy and blocked the drain hole.
Needed a good clean too for Norfolk Gala tommorow.

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