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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Norfolk Gala

With the show season coming to an end, Sunday 5th September was Norfolk Gala Day at the Royal Norfolk Showground. This is a quite large show, and CT Norfolk Area had a good turnout. We had a corner plot, with plenty of space to park the cars and erect the gazebo, along with the usual flag and banner. We where a little away from other classics, being near the motorbikes, I think when we applied for a club stand they thought we where a motor bike club? Will remind them next year who we realy are.
On the subject of shows I notice that on recent CT forum posts there appears to be a negative opinion of shows in general, and of those who attend shows, also of shows run by other clubs and the term polishers is often used, I dont think you could apply this to CT Norfolk Area, yes we may have approx 8 to 10 realy nice, shiny cars, as well as other more scruffy ones, one of each of mine included in both catergories, but dont forget, these are driven quite regulary to shows all through summer, covering high milage totals in the day, Norfolks a big county! They also attend the smaller driving events, scenic runs, etc. Better this than sitting in a shed all year and only being brought out for the one big driving event. The club has to cater for both young and old, and for those who want to do either driving or showing, or both or surely it would not survive. Infact come to think of it the forum and the fairly vocal advocates of driving events are not truly representive of the membership of CT, I would guess they represent less than 10% of the CT membership. Anyway gripe over, Note:-this is my own opinion and I wont be discussing it.

Anyway, on with the show, there is plenty to do at this show, not only loads of classic cars, but trucks, both new and old, in fact I discovered for a small charity fee you could drive a truck and trailer around a section of the grounds. There was also classic and modern buses, including a couple of low floor buses of my design from back in my Marshall Bus Division days of about 12 years ago. There was also military vehicles, various demos by the police, fire, and ambulance services, as well as a host of stalls, a craft show, a car boot, and auto jumble, along with a beer tent and variety of food. In the main ring a couple of Monster trucks did a spot of car crushing, a dare devil biker jumped a few cars, and jumped through a ring of fire, and elsewhere where dog displays, raptor displays, dancing, music, and martial arts.
This was my first time out in my 7 since my back op about 6 weeks ago, so not being fully fit I just slowly hobbled round looking at a few things leaving others to do the grand tour.

Usual CT Norfolk Line up.

And 3 more round the corner.

Bernard Matthews original Austin. Bootiful!

2 Magenta Triumphs caught my eye.

Also 2 MK1 Escort Mexicos.

And a customised Triumph Renown.

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