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Sunday, 26 September 2010

2010 Mile of Triumphs

Heavy, persistent rain forecast in East Anglia was not a good omen for the hastily re-arranged 2010 Mile of Triumphs at Fleggburgh, near Great Yarmouth this weekend. It tipped down on Saturday, we attended briefly, visiting CT friends in their hired mobile home for coffee, which was luxury compared to the campsite, with around 20 or so Triumphs camping one felt really sorry for them in their quagmire of a camp site. On the Saturday, there was a 95 mile run around Norfolk, which as it passed virtually by our front door we managed to do the route in reverse.
Sunday morning was even worse, it poured down all the way to Fleggburgh, standing water everywhere, with most of our CT members not attending, there where probably around 45 cars for the run to Yarmouth which for one Stag owner was eventful, being tail ended by a 4 x 4, making a mess of the chrome bumpers. Roundabouts where a bit slick as I found out with a large power slide, much to Gills disgust. We stuck with it for the run and the line up on the sea front, before some of us took shelter with coffee and bacon sarnies in a beach side cafe. The wind was up off the sea, and it was not too warm! so we spent a while in a few amusement arcades then left for home via the harbour road where we paused to watch a medium sized bulk carrier being towed out of the inner harbour to sea.

The event will take place next year, on the last weekend in September, and will revert back to original format of Show on Saturday, Mile of Triumphs on sea front Sunday, followed by rum around Norfolk, then back to Fleggburgh for a Funkana. Hopefully with decent weather. A few pics in between the rain.

Some of the Brave souls we turned out.

Head of the Queue for the Run to Yarmouth Sea Front.

Turned out nice again!

You can see the conditions which kept a large many people away.

Lined up along the Sea Front at Great Yarmouth.

Mor rain on its way.

Bulk Carrier towed out backwards from Inner Harbour.

Must have been a tense moment as the wind gets it and pushes front round to shore.

Tug gets control as pilot boat rushes to the scene.

Tow rope dropped and Bulk Carrier away under its own steam.

Next is the RBRR as 3rd driver with Andy Dann and Tony Cox, if he gets the car sorted.

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