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Sunday, 31 October 2010

TRGB/Robsport Open Day

Took a 140 mile round trip in the DHC on Saturday to Somersham on the far side of Cambridge on a nice clear, but crisp day, TR6 specialist TRGB and TR7 Specialist Robsport where holding a joint open day and autojumble at TRGB premises. Quite a collection of cars had turned up, many early TR's and some TR7s and V8's.
The workshops where open, showing resto of a TR6 and others, there where new and secondhand parts for TR2-TR8 range available, plus a few items for Stag and Vitesse/Herald. They where breaking a Stag for parts, and there was a part restored Herald Estate on auction with sealed bids. They had thrown open the doors of all their various parts depostories allowing you to wander round and choose items at leisure, quite interesting looking at all the various parts.
Did not realy need much myself, in fact I only came away with an electronic flasher unit at a discount rate.
Had a brief chat with Tim Hunt who had driven up for the day in his TR.
Straight Six Engine or Gearbox Anyone?
Nice Track Prepared 2500 PI.
Early and Late TR's.
TR6 Resto.
Selection of TR6's for sale.

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