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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Halfshaft Endplay + Friday 13th Strikes.

Hopefully I have finally cured excessive Halfshaft endplay on my rear axle. I had a selection of spacers made up by a machine shop at mates rates.

Various Thickness spacers.

The spacer is intended to go behind the bearing race in the axle tube, I first tried with a 1mm spacer in the tube, but had to go to 1.5mm in the end.

Spacer in axle tube.

The bearing race is then inserted into tube and freshly greased halfshaft and bearings fitted.
Bearing race with spacer behind.

Had a quick check and it has improved the endplay, only minimal now, took the car for a 15 mile spin to check it out, seems ok, no bearing noise from the rear on cornering, have a long run next weekend to try and really prove it out. I still cannot really say what is wrong here, bearings? axle tubes? halfshafts? oil seal? end plates? or a combination?

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, I had the wheel alignement re-done and front wheels balanced as I had developed steering wheel shake over the past month or two. After balancing and alignement it persisted for a while, but after the fitter swapped a slightly misshapened front tyre for a back tyre all was perfect, except been Friday the 13th we found a grumbling NSF bearing!!!!
I know I probably use my TR7 more than most other TR7 owners but the bearing situation is really wearing me down, they just dont seem to last, I cannot be fitting them wrongly as they are so simple to fit and torque. Must be Chinese or Indian crap! gotta keep my eye on Ebay for NOS bearings.

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