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Saturday, 7 April 2012

HCR 2012

This year I entered the HCR 2012 Essex and Behond as a co-driver with Andy Panter from the Norfolk Area in his 2 litre Vitesse. We had quite a good, smooth run, picking up enough points to get us into 13th place. As it was Andys first time we did not push it, just kept to a reasonable average speed aiming to finish in a respectable time without any dramas. We had a few extra counties and some race circuits however in hindsight we should maybe have bagged a few more circuits to bring the points total up as we where not short of time. Only downside was we paid some extorniate prices for petrol due to the petrol panic numpties, couple of garages only having the Vmax stuff. Andy only just found petrol in Norwich at 10am on the Saturday of the event.
Waiting for the drivng round cones bit in Essex.
Day break coming out of Dorset on the A30

In our T shirts at the finish.

A few more finishers cars at the Greyhound pub.

Thanks to Ellis and Mike for organising this years event and we look forward to next years.

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