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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peak District Tour - Days 3 and 4

Day 3 - Drive it Day
Sunday we awoke to more rain, not heavy but very persistant. After another big breakfast I succumbed to the still noisy rear bearings and jacked the car up, pulled the halfshafts and re-greased the bearings as a precaution whilst someone held a brolley over me. Not a pleasant task.
We had a list of places to visit for drive it day, some opted for a trip to Bakewell and Castleton, some to Crich Tramway Museum, we opted to head for Eyam and Hathersage. Eyam is known as "The Plague Village" In 1665 a village tailor was contaminated by cloth from London carrying the Bubonic Plague. 269 out of 350 residents died of the plague after the local preacher persuaded them to stay in the village to stop the plague spreading to other villages. A good museum tells the story of the plague village.
Eyam Hall - no casulaties of the Plague here as the squire fled at the first
signs of the Plague

Taking directions in the pouring rain at Eyam

We next headed to Hathersage via lonely moorland roads, stopping only for a snack in Hathersage, it was too wet to look at the area which is where Emily Bronte based her novel. We then headed out through Tideswell and Millers Dale before climbing up to the village of Flash, at 1500ft above sea level, the highest village in England.
The rain was fairly steady by now, with only brief dry periods.

Rainy views in the Peaks above Longnor.

Flash, the highest Village in England.

We then headed for Leek in the pouring rain seeking out Petrol, before having a quick Costa coffee in Leek along with another couple of Triumph owners.

Typical rain heading down A53 to Leek.

Triumphs at Leek.

Gill and I then headed into the Churnet Valley, visiting the Churnet Valley Railway and the Caldon Canal at Basford Bridge. We last cruised the pretty Caldon Canal about 8 years ago and hope to add to our list again shortly.

Basford Bridge - Caldon Canal

Cheddleton Station - Not much activity in the way of trains.

Diesels at Churnet Valley Railway - 33102 and 33021 Captain Charles

We then headed back along winding roads to Ipstone, Butterton, and Hulme End for a quick walk on the path of the narrow gauge Leek and Manifold Railway.
Nice house near Ipstones.

Heading into the Manifold Valley near Butterton.

Course of Leek and Manifold Railway.

Hulme End Railway Station - Leek and Manifold Railway

Typically, it been the end of the day the sun came out. We saw very few other Triumphs about on Drive it Day, a lone Dolomite seen in Cheddleton Station car park, a lone dark blue TR7 dhc seen between Hathersage and Hope, and from a distance 3 or 4 Heralds or Vitesse in a pub car park off the A53 near Leek. Biggest contingent we saw where old Citroens seen at a Pub near Flash. Oh and some ignorant MG's in Eyam who did not acknowledge our waves

Triumphs at the Manifold Inn.

Back at the Hotel for our last night we again spent the evening eating and drinking, entertained by the local Brass band who where practicing in the next room, some good old tunes, the Dambusters theme, Ilkley moor b'tat, etc. We retired to bed with ringing heads.
Day 4
After packing in the morning, a big fried breakfast, and settling up the bill Gill and I left, firstly calling in at Hartington to stock up on local cheese. The Dovedale Blue and Hartingdon Bomber is really nice. We then headed into Bakewell for more food shopping, namely a large Bakewell Pudding and a large Bakewell Tart which we are still trying to get through and some smaller ones to take back to our respective work mates, and additionally for me Denby Dale pork pies and savoury eggs.
We then headed down the A6, breifly looking in at Matlock Spa, managing to keep GIll out of Masson Mill retail outlet then heading out to the A50 and back home accross Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and back to Norfolk for 3-30pm, some heavy showers on the way back through the Peaks but mainly dry afterwards.
Thoroughly enjoyed this long weekend, we had good company, good food and drink, and despite the weather good driving. Bookings now been made for a trip to Wales next year.
The car ran fine except for noisy diff and noisy rear bearings caused by excessive endfloat, but they survived.
Thanks to Alan and Christine for organising this trip.

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