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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Monday - Hockley Heath to Lowsonford

Monday was not the weather we hoped for, it dawned with an overcast sky and promised rain for later.
We headed for Lapworth Locks in slight drizzle.
Gill operating Hockley Heath drawbridge.

Waiting for lock 8.

Only saw one boat on the move up Lapworth Locks, of course we met this at the awkward corner between lock 7 and 8 where it is difficult for 2 long boats to pass. The drizzle became heavy once reaching the main flight down to Kingswood Junction so we moored for a long lunch after lock 15.
Heavy drizzle, time to moor up.

After a lunch of Heinz Big Soup, ham sarnies, and local pork pie, you cant beat this on a wet day! we carried on down to Kingswood Junction, taking on water, I noticed the pump out is not working here.
Kingswood Junction.

The next part of the Stratford ranks as one of my favourites with delightful locks quite evenly spaced making for good exercise when lock wheeling.
Lock 29, one of the prettiest.

It must have been a hard summer down here, a number of the locks are showing some sign of wear or misuse, there is yellow hazard aware tape everywhere down these locks with some problem or another.
Broken Edging at this lock.

Broken beam held together with a large plank, the CaRT message on the
beam says do not sit or stand on this beam.

We finished up the day moored at Lowsonford visitor moorings, hot showers all round after a drizzly day.

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