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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wednesday - Wilmcote to Kingswood Junction

Wednesday was a fine and dry day with a few hints of sunshine. We set of from Wilmcote happily before the Hotel Boats set off. Have been stuck behind hotel boats before and they are painfully slow with 2 boats to lock through, one unpowered and can add hours to a journey.
It was pretty busy on the Preston Bagot locks with boats coming down.
Busy at Preston Bagot bottom lock.

Midway up the flight.

Gill negotiating one of the narrow Split Bridges.

Ducks enjoying a nibble at the weed in a bywash.

At Kingswood Junction we took a right and moored for the night on the Grand Union.

Turning into the Grand Union link at Kingswood Junction

Through the Link

Left turn on to the Grand Union to moor on the full visitor moorings.

Not a bad day for a return journey which can sometimes be a drag. The promised rain did not materialise and it was relatively warm.

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