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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday - Kingswood Junction to Earlswood

Rain was threatened for today, so we hoped it would be later giving us time to complete Lapworth locks. We reversed from our Grand Union mooring to the junction and headed for Lock 20 set at an angle at Kingswood Junction.
Back to Kingswood from the Grand Union.
Old Working Boat at Kingswood Junction.

Lock 20 - Kingswood Junction.

Lapworth Locks, still no rain.

We made it to Lock 3 of the Lapworth flight before the rain set in for a while. We moored for lunch after the top lock and let the rain clear before proceeding on to Hockley Heath for a few provisions.

Ryland McLaren Showroom.

Took the time to order my new McLaren MP4 12C at Ryland McLaren near the wharf. (I wish, they would not even let me in the showroom with my muddy boots and jeans)

At Hockley Heath we saw the only CaRT representation seen all week on the Stratford Canal, CaRT employees and contractors totally rebuilding the Bridge across the truncated wharf arm. Now we saw all the yellow aware tapes at faulty Locks up and down the Stratford with no sign of remedial work for the easy fixed probllems, yet they can spend a fortune rebuilding a towpath bridge over a disused arm. I hope they have a grant from someone for this! Surely lock safety should take precedence over towpath use by a few local residents walking their dogs.

After Hockley Heath we moved on to moor at Earlswood, just in time as the heavy rain came in.

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