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Monday, 18 March 2013

More BCN

Woke to a cold and frosty morning in Birmingham, set off around 9 down the main line heading for Wolverhampton, once the sun was out it was OK. Decided against Walsall and Wyrely and Essington Canal, just did not fancy all the rubbish in the cut and instead we are covering old ground.
Smethwick Junction.

Toll Island near Engine Arm Aquaduct.

They seem to have sorted the graffiti out on the aquaduct but it wears you out on all the old factories, must mean something to someone.
Smethwick Pump House.

Spon Lane Junction and locks.

We carried on in the sun and turned onto the Netherton Tunnel branch. The tunnel has had quite a lot of work done, evidence of strengthening work with ground anchors, new concrete towpaths, and some shotcreting.
Renovated Tunnel Cottages at Netherton.

We pulled over at Windmill End for lunch and to top up the water tank. 
Windmill End.

The Dudley No 2 canal was filthy with rubbish, the local populace must have dumped all their rubbish in the cut, quite different from our last trip, there has been some dredging done, but not sure they have disposed of the dredgings properly.
Dredging spoils near Netherton Hill. Its piled up untidily all the way along here.

Leaking lock at the only lock of the
day at Blowers Green.

Moored early at Merry Hill for Gill to have some retail time. Not the choicest of moorings, generator running behind us and oiks banging on the boat.

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