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Monday, 11 March 2013

More Snow

Had a rough couple of days in Norfolk. Rained all of Saturday causing some flooding, then turned to snow on Sunday, usual mess getting in to work this morning for 7am start, it had turned icy and there was no gritting by the looks of it so was a struggle.
That's an owl in the middle of the photo which I have been trying
to get a photo of since it turned light in the mornings. its generally
on a fence post but fly's away quickly.

Snow near Pulham Market

Hope this spell of cold clears up as we will be on the Narrow boat shortly, any good advice on the Walsall Canal and Wyrely and Essington Canal from narrow boat bloggers would be appreciated, ie: has any body used them this year. Don't want to be the first to plow through the winters rubbish!

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