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Friday, 22 March 2013

More White Stuff

Woke this morning to a couple of inches of the white stuff. Bit of a blizzard last night and blowing a howlie. Set of back to the Marina at Alvechurch around 9am.
White Stuff at Hopwood.

Very windy going past the Bittel reservoir, so windy it blow the coolie hat of the chimney.
Lower Bittel Reservoir, coolie hat still there.

Coolie Hats don't float so its lost in the depths.
Near Alvechurch.

Nearly Home.

Back at the Marina now, just driven Gill to the NEC for a Hobby and Sewing show, bit too dangerous to try cleaning the boat exterior as we keep getting short flurries of snow. Luckily it is not too dirty so hope the next owners are OK about that.
Have enjoyed the week with just the two of us despite the cold weather, at least we avoided rain and snow while cruising, the idea was to avoid too many locks so tally is 8 locks, 3 tunnels in either direction, and around 50 miles clocked up. Hopefully on our next trip we will have better weather and make it down to Worcester and Gloucester.

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