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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Grin all day

Had a grin on my face all day, after approx 7 years at Lotus during which I have asked to have a company product licence every year its finally happened, today I had driver training in an Elise and Evora on the Lotus test track and public roads.
My Chariot awaits.

The Venue.

All I can say is wow, wow, wow.
We had various tests to do, one to prove recovery from understeer and oversteer on the wetted large turning circle in the Lotus Elise, amazing how quickly you have to drive in a circle for the Elise to understeer.
We then had brake tests on the main straight, having to brake hard and steer around obstacles at speed, I knew the stopping distances where good but not until you approach the obstacles at 70 and see the distance you are expected to stop in or steer round do you realise how good the brakes and handling of these cars are.
We then had laps of the complete FIA approved circuit which was just fantastic, gaining speed with each lap.
The afternoon session in the Evora was on public roads, just testing awareness, road position, etc. Only had a couple of chances to open up the V6 in the bigger car, very impressive and comfortable too. Such a grin on my face all day. I can now do mileage accumulation on the cars and occasionally use one at the weekend. Cant wait.
Would have liked a chance in the new Exige S but these are a bit rare at the moment as we can not make them quick enough and the driving academy does not have any yet.

In the factory gift shop Lotus F1 have a car on show in this years new livery, not quite an E21, I think it is last years car with the new livery added, also no DRS on rear wing.
Lotus F1 Show car.

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