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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MGOC Iceni Run

Sunday saw Gill and I attend the Iceni MG Owners Club run. Meeting at Rougham Airfield Control Tower, home in WW11 to the USAF 94th and 332nd Bomb Groups. http://www.rougham.org/
We where entry 91 so a good few cars on the run around Suffolk. We enjoyed the Traditional pre-run Bacon Butties and Coffee available before the start, 4 CT members where with us and a couple of our Wales trip participants, one in a MG BGT and one in a Lotus 7.
Couple of Triumphs and a lot of MG's old and modern.

Lotus Excel at Rougham Control Tower.

With an excellent route book we waited for our start time of 10-45am then headed out into the country lanes.
Chasing the MG.

We enjoyed a good run, total of 85 miles on Suffolk roads, heading out round Bury St Edmunds in a loop, then through various villages towards Newmarket, past all the expensive looking race horse trainers stables, then out towards Clare and Cavendish and Long Melford.
Quick stop near Cavendish.

We completed the circular route back to Rougham in a fairly quick time, been some of the first back to the Airfield for a picnic in front of the Control Tower.
Picnic time.

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