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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Arrived on NB Centurion at Alvechurch Marina late yesterday evening, so Gill, Toni, and I set off today quite late down the Tardebigge flight in gorgeous sunny weather. Pretty quiet down the flight, passing only around 5 boats coming up. Had a nice break for lunch and Pimm's just below Bridge 52.
Black Prince Hire boat trying to pass me on the wrong side, (on canals
you pass oncoming boats on the right) had to chuck into reverse and
avoid which really p---d of the fisherman.

Nice property at Tardebigge

Top Lock, one of the deepest on the system with a 14 foot fall.

Locking down in the sunshine, we have a system, each of the 3 of
us steers for 5 locks, whilst 1 locks the boat down, 1 lockwheels ahead
and prepares the next locks, then we swap, works well.

Passing a boat on the way up.

Had a break for lunch and refreshing Pimm's after 14 locks. See the
locks marching away downhill.

Typical Tardebigge lock, easy to use mitred bottom gates with gate
paddles, slightly harder full width top gate with ground paddles,
sometimes quite stiff to operate. By-wash to the left.

36th and final lock of the day at Stoke Wharf. Despite the number of
locks it was a pleasant, enjoyable day.

Former entrance to Salt Works at Stoke Prior.

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