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Monday, 10 June 2013

Euston Rural Pastimes - Suffolk

Sunday 9th June, time for our favourite show, Euston Rural Pastimes at Euston Park, not far from Bury St Edmund's. Should have been nice weather but as usual summer let us down for this great show.
Classic car wise there where 300 cars on show on the hill overlooking the park.
Down below was a rather large collection of tractors, a lot of Traction engines and steam lorries, and other displays of classic trucks and classic motorcycles.
Here's a few that caught my eye.
Classic trucks, 

Early Mopeds.

Classic Bikes.

Classic Vauxhalls -Wyvern and Cresta.
Tractor display.
Alvis 12/50 TE and Alvis 1250 Ducks Back.

Sole surviving Holt 45 Tractor from the First World War, used to
tow battlefield guns.
Stanley Steam Car.
Ring display of classics, how does a H reg BMW qualify?

Boys toys, all capable of flight.

How about this for a hobby.

Mercedes 220.
Alvis Convertible, not sure of model.
Alvis TD21 and 4.3 Litre SB Windovers Saloon.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Andy,

    The Alvis convertible looks like a 1930's Speed 20 or 25 model. The coachwork is very similar to that of a Speed 25 Charlesworth drophead coupe which is in the same village as us.

    Lovely motor!

    And it looks like you had a fabulous day!


    John (wb Pippin)


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