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Thursday, 6 June 2013

3 go mad at Tardebigge

Mad as in deciding between.
a) 12 locks from Dunhampstead to Tardibigge Bottom lock and an early mooring.
b) 41 locks from Dunhampstead to just under Tardibigge top lock.
Yeah, we are mad and chose the 41 locks, that's the Astwood Flight, Stoke Flight, and Tardebigge flight. Left Dunhampstead at 10-00 am and moored at 6-30.
The locks where all in our favour on the Stoke and Astwood Flight, but as we headed to Tardbigge bottom lock a moored boat shot out as soon as he heard us coming, therfore every lock had to be emptied.
It was quite dull as we left this morning, taking till around dinner time before we had sun.
Dunhampstead Tunnel.

Narrow and reed lined at Shernall Green.

Nice property near Hanbury.

At Hanbury Junction we complete what is now being called the Mid Worcestershire Ring which is the Droitwich Canal, River Severn, and Worcester and Birmingham Canal.
Start and finish of the ring.

The sun was now creeping out and soon it would be a clear blue sky as we pushed on to Stoke Locks. At Stoke Prior we moored for lunch in front of the Black Prince wharf.
Stoke Locks, sun out, note the flies in front of the lock.

Passing NB Debdale at Queens Head.

Tardebigge Bottom Lock.

Then the assault begins on the Tardebigge flight of locks, as I mentioned a boat shot out just as we appeared, presumably as all the locks where mostly in their favour. This meant we had to empty 29 locks before we entered them. They where 2 handed and we are 3 handed so we never lost site of them.
The weather was gorgeous, getting hotter all the time.
Water was well down in some of the pounds.

Very little movement down the flight, about 3 boats in total which did not ease the work load much.
Passing near the reservoir.

Tardebigge Resorvoire.

The final lock, Tardebigge moorings just round the corner.

A hard but good day, hot showers all round and a few drinks in order.
Off course there was a motive for this, the girls can now catch the train from Alvechurch into Birmingham tomorrow for some retail therapy.

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