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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

MOT Time

MOT time for the TR7 again, prior to the MOT I got the parts I needed for the Brake master Cylinder, easy job to replace the seals and bleed the brakes. Checked all the usual things pre MOT, bit of a struggle with electrics, firstly the hazard lights which worked one day, not the next. Had a spare relay which cured the problem. Then the number plate lights and sidelights stopped working, which was a dodgy fuse and fuse terminal which needed cleaning up.
On the day it failed emissions so the garage had to back of the mixture and then passed it.
A few advisories, play in front wheel bearings, but no mention of the rear axle end play! diff oil leak and noise, and a couple of hoses that may need changing soon. I have an axle lined up via Mick Papworth but have to collect from Coventry. Also bizarrely the rear fogs cut out when high beam comes on, no clues on that one as I have not touched any wiring that may affect it and don't know how long it has been like that.
Glad its passed and out of the way.

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