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Monday, 5 August 2013

Helmingham Festival

Its been a while since I posted anything here although we have been quite busy at weekends, we had our normal treasure hunt a few weeks ago, which sadly was not well attended. We usually do this for charity and invite other clubs such as Norfolk Stag Owners and TR Register, but as Club Triumph are MSA affiliated I was not allowed to advertise or run the Event under the Club Triumph name without a MSA certificate and the relevant charge to the MSA.  I flatly refuse to do this for a fun, non competitive, local event, so no money to charity this year as with only a few friends attending I could not really charge. We wont be doing another while Club Triumph insist on this.
Had a couple of hot weekends where we had started decorating, so had to finish this, which curtailed driving the TR.
Oh, and I changed the axle again one weekend, still only marginal improvement in noise.
Finally got out this weekend to Helmingham Hall Festival of Classics, Gill and I had a break from this last year as we where on the narrowboat. The event was packed this year, lots of the general public attending.
Packed Helmingham.
Helmingham has a lot of top end Classics and moderns on show, they pay extra admission to park in a concours area in front of the hall, like a mini Goodwood, they have their own club bar and eating area.
Some of the cars in front of the hall follows.
Jenson Interceptor 111
Aston Martin DB5
Jaguar XJ220.

Hall and Moat.

Bentley's and Roller's.
Us poorer souls had to park in the Club area, quite a few clubs this year with an amount of muscle cars, plenty of Viper, TVR's, Porsche, Jags, Lotus, Mustangs,and the usual Pistonheads.com bunch with all sorts of modern muscle.
TVR Tasmins.
Lotus Esprit.

And on the Wedge theme, TR7 in amongst the 6's.
Jaguar E types.

Stag Pickup, why would you do this?
Down the driveway to the hall there was the usual drive for those who had contributed, this year to EACH, the children's hospice supported by Kate Middleton. Faster, more modern cars in the morning, and the more prestige in the afternoon.
Rolls on a more sedate run down the drive.

No excuse for showing the Interceptor again.
Another nice summers day and a good show. Usual enjoyable trip there and back in the TR7 with the roof down, and good company from our Norfolk CT members.

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