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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stonham Barns Car show.

Another weekend, another show, this time at Stonham Barns, this show nearer to Ipswich is worth attending and has grown over the last couple of years. Another nice day, enjoyed good roof down motoring to the event for a 9-30 start, the same as most shows nowadays due to H & S requirements, then time to set up the gazebo and club stand and off on the bacon buttie hunt.
Quite sunny and warm today, we had a couple of casualties at the show early on, both Pauline and Sue stung by wasps but OK after antihistamines and spray. Lots of the little buggers flying around, there is an orchard near which may have attracted them.
Quite a large auto jumble in the showground to look at as well as cars, and outside the showground is the Stonham shopping complex and a large car boot sale.
Lots of interesting cars to view this year, as the show is nearer to Ipswich we see some cars not usually seen at Norfolk shows.
Usual Club Stand photo, looks like flag is going to fall down, it did.

Rare AC Aceca.

Paul got in the ring with his Vittesse engined Herald.

As did Alan in his Stag.

Peerless GT, produced around TR3 components.

Another rare Japanese classic, Honda S800.

Bit of a red theme here, another rare car, Fiat 124 Spyder.

Now we are getting real rare, think the one on the left is a Singer Bantam
Nine and the one on the right is a 1934 Singer Nine Le Mans.

More red, Lancia Fulvia S.

Suffolk Landrover Club had a course laid out in the wood, with ditches, humps, and rough ground where for a small fee for charity you could have a passenger ride in a Landie. I used to work at Marshalls of Cambridge, military vehicles division where we converted many 101 series Forward Control Landrovers into Ambulances, Rapier missile control units, Blindfire Radar units, etc so I coughed up and was driven round the course in the 101. Then off course gill had to have a go too.

Landrover 101 Forward control, not the original Rover V8 engine in this,
apparently many are modified with Isuzu engines. Gill in the passenger seat.
Up she goes.
Down she comes with a bang.
Another good day out in the sun, getting near the end of the season now, so not many shows to go.

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