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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Norfolk Motor Show

Another new show on the agenda for this year This one is the Norfolk Motor Show, a mixture of classic cars, some 200 shown on the Sunday, and lots of modern motors shown by Norfolk's main car dealers. Some of our members attended on the Saturday, a windy and blustery day, and a few more members on Sunday, which was the better day for attendance and weather. Quite a large event, using part of the Norwich Showground, bacon butties where good, best value for a while.
A few pics of cars that caught my eye.
Opel Manta GTE.
Vauxhall Victor.
Rare to see a Japanese classic, Toyota Cresta.
Genuine Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, not the one owned by Chris Evans.
But used in the film, powered by Ford V6.
Gill and I had a good look around all the new cars, the new Mazda MX5 looked massive compared to its predecessors, seems to be a general trend with new cars. The new Mini 4 wheel drives I thought where ugly boxes, same as the new Cooper. I quite liked the look of the Toyota GT86.
Also had a look in some Fiat motor-homes which where quite impressive but wow, are they expensive!
Gill fancies a Vauxhall Cascada to replace her Astra Bertone Cabriolet,
she is not getting one.
I rather fancied a Lambo. Nor I one of these.

Nice Albion bus.

Lots of Austin 7's.
Alvis TD21.
Another interesting show with lots to see and do and a good day out in the sun, another show this coming weekend.

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  1. What a great show I am the proud owner of the Opel manta thanks for including it in you're blog


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