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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Back to Brum

Had to push on back to Birmingham today, unfortunately first thing was quite wet so it was on with the wet weather gear. We where the first of the 4 Alvechurch boats away, straight to the water point opposite the museum, then away to Factory locks dropping down 3 locks on to the New Main Line.
Wet and Miserable at Factory Locks.
Thankfully it cleared up not long after. I cruised slowly to Birmingham to get some charge in the batteries after a whole day of the boat being idle. I am sure 3 phones and 2 Laptops to be charged take it out of the batteries with the invertor on.
I see the many Toll Islands have been cleaned up and dredged.
Passing Spon Lane Locks.
Telford,s Galton Bridge.

Smethwick Pump, was used for pumping water from New Main Line to Old
Main Line. 
Engine Arm Aquaduct.
Now moored in Oozell Street Loop, and have returned from a trip round the Birmingham German Christmas Market.

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