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Monday, 18 November 2013

End of Autumn Cruise

Back home now after our Autumn cruise on NB Centurion. We cruised slowly along back to Alvechurch Marina on the Friday from Birmingham. Along past Edgebaston with the railway alongside, past the University and the Vale where it seems continuous moorers are setting up base camp with all their usual flotsam and jetsam.
Wast Hill tunnel was next, usual time of 25 minutes to get through and also very wet after the recent rain.
Leaving Wast Hill Tunnel behind.
We paused at Hopwood for lunch and a water top up.
Now glad to be in the country after the suburbs with all the usual graffiti.
Approaching Alvechurch in the weak but pleasant sunshine.
So it was back to base, usual chores of washing and cleaning, emptying the pump out and filling with diesel then packing the car and home to Norfolk on Saturday.
We will be back in Alvechurch next weekend for our boat AGM where we will discuss work required, pick our weeks for next year, and discuss a new base for the next couple of years.
We favour somewhere in the Potteries, the boat has not been there in the 9 years we have owned a share, previous to this we had a few hire boat holidays in the area, on the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals and up the Leek and Froghall canals and liked the area.
I have done some research but many marinas are not able to cope with weekly turnrounds and maintenance. Of the 2 that can cope Church Minshull is very expensive and Aston has its quota of share boats although hopefully some may move on at the end of November creating space for our boat.
Nice to meet Fred and Lisa from Chyandour at Alvechurch. Have a good holiday.

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