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Monday, 11 November 2013

Wet day to Brum

After the nice weather yesterday, today was a contrast, constant mizzle till about 1.30pm. We had a debate, go to Birmingham, the steerer gets wet! or stay put. We decided I had to get WET! so I set off at 10-30, all wet geared up, the rain was a constant drizzle but the gear kept me dryish.
Not a lot of traffic about today.
Leaving Alvechurch in the drizzle.
Past Lower Bittel reservoir, then Hopwood, Wast Hill tunnel was next, not my favourite tunnel, 2726 uncomfortable yards of zero visibility as there must have been a couple of boats through with stoves lit.
Past Kings Norton Junction, then Bournville where we saw NB Chyandour, I think he was doing his blog at the timehttp://narrowboatchyandour.blogspot.co.uk/
Chyandour at Bournville.
We arrived around 2pm, and moored opposite the NIA. After a dry out and a spot of late lunch we headed for the impressive new library. This has an unusual exterior , being clad in interlocking rings.

We had a good look round, quite impressive architecture inside and a couple of levels with gardens to the exterior.

View of the central book rotunda and escalators.

Secret Garden on the 7th Floor.
View down from the Glass Lift Top Platform.
We could see from the 7th floor viewing platform our boat moored near Old Turn Junction, and also Cambrian Wharf where we could see NB Fizzical Attraction, last seen adrift in Birmingham, like ourselves along with 2 other boats, we all had ropes cut overnight approx 1 year ago.

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